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GPTs: The Future of Personalized AI

The developments in the world of AI continue at a rapid pace. Recently, OpenAI launched a groundbreaking feature: GPTs. In this article, we will discuss what GPTs are, what they can do, and provide examples.

What is GPTs?

GPTs is customizable versions of ChatGPT created for specific purposes. You can make your GPTs available for company use or open to everyone. No coding knowledge is required.

With GPTs, you can create your own AI tailored for specific purposes, like a life coach, a math teacher, or an assistant to manage your company tasks.
To create your own GPTs, visit this address.

Note: These features are available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users.

How to create GPTs

To create GPTs, you can try the chat flow or configure directly.

GPTs configure screenshot
GPT builder

GPTs Configuration

Name: You must give your GPTs a name.

Description: You should briefly describe what this customized ai does.

Instructions: In this section, you need to determine how your GPTs should work and how they should behave. For example:

  • It may be a simple instruction such as – Think as an architect and answer the questions this way.
  • more complex instruction- When users ask you X question,research site Y and answer accordingly before giving the answer.

Conversation starters: You can create ready-made starters from this section that users can see before starting the chat.

Knowledge: If you want to further train your AI on a topic, you can add extra information to this section. For example, you can upload a dataset or a topic-specific article.

Capabilities: In this section, you must allow whether your customized GPTs will perform web browsing, have DALL-e capability, or interpret code.

Actions: In this section you can allow your GPTs to receive information or take actions outside of ChatGPT.

GPTs’ Photo: You can upload an image for your GPTs that you have created, or DALL-e can create it for you. (You need to click on the plus icon)

GPTs Publish

After all the settings of your GPTs are completed, you can publish this customized artificial intelligence for yourself or the people you share the link with, or make it completely public.

GPT publish screenshot

What is GPT Store?

OpenAI announced that it will open a store soon and GPTs will be listed according to criteria such as category, liking, etc. In the future, creators will even be able to make money thanks to their GPTs.

Examples of GPTs

You can discover new GPTs from the following listing pages or request the GPTs you have created to be listed. (This list will be constantly updated.)

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